Sunday, March 2, 2014

Whoo hoo! I woke early, couldn't get back to sleep, but had charged my nook so I downloaded a book and read for a while, then tried to sleep when I felt tired again ... but alas, it's just not happening. I decided to give up and get my Quicken updates posted early as my youngest "claimed" the desktop computer was his this weekend as a new game he's interested in is offered in beta mode this weekend ...

Anywho, the long and short of this post is to announce that I heard my first robin at 6:51 a.m. EST! Whoo hoo indeed, right?! I ALMOST went to wake my DH to have him confirm what I was hearing, but fought that temptation. He got up 10 minutes later and heard it for himself, though! And made coffee for us both, bless him. Had I mentioned that he's my personal brew master, and it's much appreciated? For whatever reason, his coffee always tastes better than mine.

Enjoy the day folkes, and thanx for stopping by! I wonder how many will be watching the Oscars tonight?