Monday, December 28, 2009

let it snow!

Yep, it's snowing outside as I type this, and I've gotta admit, it's lookin' mighty pretty! No, don't confuse the "pretty" talk with someone who enjoys winter - I'd like it if it'd be winter for 2-3 months max, but it seems to extend its welcome here all too often! I talked with a friend last night who moved to the UP (Michigan-speak) a couple years ago, and she reported that they got 4' of snow in a recent storm, while we trolls (that's what they like to refer to those of us who live "below the bridge" as) only had about 1" of the white stuff to contend with here. This is one of my New Year's cards - that's what I'm calling the cards that I procrastinated on and didn't mail before Christmas. This card started out as a tag from CAM that's grown into a card.

My DH called me over to the kitchen earlier this a.m. when he spotted 5 male cardinals in our small plum tree outside our kitchen window. It's located way too close to the house, actually, and he's forever trimming branches from hitting our garage roof. Those who planted it apparently didn't give it much chance for survival into adulthood, eh?! But I love it - we've put a couple bird feeders around it and our next-door neighbors posted a "Beware of Attack Squirrel" by it (that's a whole 'nuther story!). Here's a lousey shot thru the screen and dirty window of a few of 'em. Two are on the right (2 in branches, 1 below pines), and one's in the top third of tree on the left. They're tricky to catch on film or my photo-taking's a bit below par ... which do you suppose?! ... but they're sure a beautiful bird! Our state bird's the robin but heck ... they leave the state in the winter, folkes!

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