Sunday, January 20, 2019

it's National Squirrel Appreciation Day!

anyone who knows my DH well knows of his love/hate relationship w these furry critters so I just HAD to share that it’s here ... the long-awaited National Squirrel Appreciation Day!

maybe a bit of background is necessary. we've long had bird feeders around the yard, and he's been known to use the kitchen sink's spray nozzle to squirt at them thru the screen, try noise makers, or air pumps to detract them from the cardinal's sunflower bird feeder just outside our kitchen window. our prior next door neighbor buddies even found an approximately 2x18" sign that reads "BEWARE OF ATTACK SQUIRREL" and mounted it nearby the feeder to gently harass him.

not that I torture the man unmercilessly, but one year I went to great lengths at Christmas and gave him a large gift bag of squirrel-related items - a book, mug, hat, shirt, stuffed toy, Squirrel Wars DVD (it'd been a 2004 40-minute show that aired on PBS and is both enlightening and very funny), AND very nice squirrel-proof bird feeder that has an outer cage that drops down to cover the access to seed openings if something heavier than the usual and customary bird lands on it. the silly squirrels STILL attempt to land on it now and then. we've since added 5 more feeders to the back yard and are regulars at our local J J Cardinal's Wild Bird & Nature Store. If you're local to Grand Blanc MI you should really scope them out... and tell 'em Sue sent you!