Wednesday, July 25, 2007

our 26th anniversary

OK, so the last post was my anniversary card to my sweetie ... today I took a vacation day and after breakfast (PB made yummy waffles) we assembled the grill we bought for our gift to each other (mainly PB assembled ... I assisted once when we had to connect two large pieces!). I'm so far pleased with this purchase - it was a Consumer Reports best buy at the original price of $300 but the local Lowe's offered it on sale thru this past Monday for $230 - SUCH A DEAL!! We hope to break it in this weekend with a family barbeque on Saturday!

I also finished reading the last installment to the Harry Potter series during the morning, and now should be getting lunch ready for the crew before we head out to our regular Wednesday afternoon golf league.

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Stroupster said...

Belated Happy Anniversary to you and Uncle Paul!

Hope your day was wonderful and that you were able to have the barbeque today.

Much love,