Saturday, June 26, 2010

saturday matinee

I took in the Tom Cruise / Cameron Diaz Knight And Day movie today w my buddy Sue (missed you, SueS and Barb!). It was full of ACTION (with a definite emphasis on action there!), charm, laughs, and romance - sort of a romantic comedy action flick. We both thought it was pretty darn good. Peter Sarsgaard and Viola Davis played secondary roles in it - Peter had played the air marshal turned villain in Flightplan w Jodi Foster, and Viola was SO GREAT in the Jesse Stone movie series (I loved them and picked them all up for my DH last Christmas). It was a pleasure watching the story unfold, in sort of a mix between Collateral and Vanilla Sky - the action mixed with the surreal. I'll probably pick this one up when it goes to DVD. I'd give it a 4 of 5 stars! Lots of couples in the theater today, as it had something for everyone!

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