Saturday, June 9, 2012

feelin' artsy?

After my annual stint volunteering at the name/photo table for June 2012 Commencement (insert shameless plug for Kettering University here), I zipped over to CAM for my usual and customary Saturday make-'n-take, then met my buddy Sue at the Flint Art Fair. It was too warm for our taste today (mid 80's here), so we both got drinks and took in half the fair, then sat and relaxed in the shade while listening to the UM-Flint Student Jazz Combo (those folkes are GOOD!) and enjoying a late lunch, then refilled drinks and took in the last half of the fair. I picked up this year's screen print tee and a necklace, but that's it this year. I ALMOST picked up a framed tree-of-life tile for my DH for Father's Day ... but it honestly would actually have been for the kitchen ... and checked out some uber cool altered sweatshirts ... but couldn't make myself try them on ... remember, we're talking mid 80's here!

So, no pain, no strain to the wallet this year, but a good time! It runs thru tomorrow if you're in the Flint MI area and haven't made the trek there yet, and it's a nice manageable-sized juried fair, with about 175 vendors.

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