Saturday, August 4, 2012

do you want fries with that?

this cute hamburg card and fries carton set was this weekend's make -'n- take at my favorite local stamping store, Capture-a-Memory. the hamburger's made from assorted punches and dies, and popped up on what appears to be a napkin on top of a red checkered tablecloth. cute, eh?! the CAM folkes told me that Jill found it on Pinterest.

stamps: only one that I know of, 'cuz I purchased the last one the shop had in stock, is the Judith AA-40 ant!

die: it's one the CAM folkes have in their store. if you purchase your paper/card stock there, many of their dies are free to use, but some are for members' use only. I'm not sure what this one was.

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