Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I can't believe it's been 10 years ...

... but aye, that's what they be telling me ... today be the 10th anniversary of the international talk like a pirate day! Arrrr! So, thar ye be, sittin' all a-lonesome on deck. Comely lasses or lads don't notice ye, mates smite ye with thar belayin' pins ... not even a parrot to call ye "Bob." What's a pirate to do? Are ye the talk o' th'dock? Cock o' th'walk? Do the mates want to be like ye and the beauties want to be with ye - or vicey-versey? Well, thar, me Bucko, this simple little quiz will tell ye - and everyone else - just what kind o' Pirate ye be. Find yer inner pirate by taking this quick personality test! Or walk the plank! Take yer choice!

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