Friday, February 13, 2015

what did YOU do at work today?

I handed out minion valentine's day greetings! I found these cute wrappers on Pinterest (designed by Juliann Law, they can be found at and at first planned on making just one for a work buddy who's into minions BIG TIME (hi, kimT!), but then decided I'd make multiples and bring them in for my work group and lunch buddies. I ended up enlisting the aid of my youngest son and DH ... I trimmed the wrappers (they print out two to a sheet) and glued them onto twinkies, my son punched out hearts from red card stock, and DH punched a mini heart hole into those card stock hearts and affixed cotton bakers twine, then punched small hearts thru the twinkie wrappers. I added the sentiment and affixed the hearts to the twinkies. In all, it took us two hours to make 40! Whew! And I still have a few more to bring in! Here's a close up:

I work at a university and our library holds get-togethers periodically - they had treats and a craft table so my minion buddy kimT and coworker Katie and I stopped over. We had punch and candy and made goofy cards. I gave my two to my boys along with some specialty candy and popcorn from Garrett's in Chi-town. Life is good, eh?! So, what did YOU do at work today?

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