Sunday, May 10, 2015

happy Mother's Day!

We visited w  my Mom on Saturday the 9th and brought her some fresh-cut lilac cuttings from our back yard, supposedly to match the card I'd made for her. She used to have a large lilac bush in the back yard but it is no more. We have a large lilac bush that was started from a cutting from my Mom's, so it's only appropriate that I bring her some from it, right?!

Seems like my sibs had the same idea; Jack sent her some potted tulips, and Mark brought her an orchid. It remains to be seen whether Karen stopped or stops by later this week (she usually visits mid-week) with her own flower! Great minds think alike, don't you know?!

I've misplaced the tag showing the name of this stamp set; if anybody knows, please let me know! I used a spritzer to make resemble a watercolor effect!

NOT the same color as I'd originally envisioned ... but they're in her room on her bureau so she can see them during the day. Maybe my flowers are actually razzleberry? Thanx for stopping by.

Love you, Mom!

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Nat said...

gorgeous design, love your card and these lilacs too. happy summer to you :)