Saturday, February 20, 2016

a stamp camp fav

a friend recently commented that it was hard to think about Easter with the snow ... and then this week ended with temps in the low to mid 50's so say goodbye snow! we're bound to have another cold snap as it's only late February but I'm enjoying the unseasonably warm weather! I see on Facebook that my sis and her dog enjoyed walking the trails already this a.m.; way to go, KAZ! I'm planning on heading out walking shortly too!

anywho, here's one of my fav cards from this week's Stamp Camp, led by the lovely and talented Angie Jarman, w/o deets as she provided all supplies in kit format for us. she also provides plenty of sentiment stamps should you want to change the focus of your card, but this one's fashioned after her sample.

thanx for stopping by, and thanx again, Angie, for the t'riffic cards! I was the 2nd one done this week as I wanted to get home to catch most of the Grammys!

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