Saturday, January 5, 2008

Crystal's Open House

Here's a quick post as I'm off to watch the golf match (lucky folkes are playing in Kapalua, Hawaii, while we're "enjoying" winter here!) but I wanted to share the projects we made today at Crystal's Open House. It was pickup day for the new catty as well, and I plan to browse it while I'm watching the third round of the Mercedes-Benz Championship.

I had a t'riffic day all 'round today; #1 - we've all had the creepy crawling crud at our house and everybody seems to be on the mend. I got to get the new catty and make a couple cards at Crystal's, then went to my monthly QuicKutz meeting (tho' late ... sorry 'bout that, Pat!) where Pat 'n I stuck around for a make-'n-take the shop was holding (more on that when I can take pics in daylight hopefully tomorrow), then eats w Pat and as I'd completely forgotten that I'd intended to pick up some cardstock and envelopes at JoAnn's, then I came home again. I liked the projects we did at each event, tho'!

I don't have the stamp sets for either of these two projects - know one card used SU's Pomegranite and Choco Chip ... but thot I'd share the end results, anywho!
later, alligators! - SueB

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