Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy new year!

I've been lazing about today and while we SHOULD be thinking about hitting the hay, am currently watching my eldest play Mario Party 8 on his brother's Wii game unit. He's having so much fun, I'm just wondering how much longer the game could possibly go on ...

I started on a couple cards but didn't get either finished so I thot I'd share some pics of some cute items for my fav New Year's resolution - organizing some scrapping space in my master bedroom - with you!

I'm currently pulling most of my scrapping materials out of 2 large Tupperware storage tubs that are located in my bedroom any time I make cards - one holds all my stamps and the other holds other bags containing the remainder of my gear. One toolbag holds my main scrapping tools should I head out to a crop; another holds my ink pads, cleaner pad/solution, sponges, acrylic blocks, and cards/envelopes in white and ecru; and another holds most of my ribbons in CD spindles. Then there's markers, ribbon, paper, cardstock, and tools in various packaging leaning against my storage tubs.

I'd planned on spending a little time each day over Christmas break organizing my stuff; however, I ended up getting sick about 4 a.m. on the 26th and haven't been real motivated to get started ... so much for New Year's resolutions, eh?! Well, it's a brand new year!

I LOVE the vivid purples and greens in the rug and baskets above, and have lots of other misc purple storage containers, as it's my fav color ... and hopefully soon will be able to share pics of my little dedicated scrapping corner of my world!

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