Wednesday, March 10, 2010

movie night at the Blondin's

My Mom and Sis' came to visit Wednesday and Karen brought up a rental movie this trip - Up In The Air, with George Clooney (hold on a second here ... sigh ... ok, back to reality). It's pizza night in the Blondin household on Wednesdays, and both Karen and my DH picked up different ice creams for dessert.

Now, I dunno about the entertainment value of a movie about the life of a corporate downsizer traveling the country to relieve folkes of their jobs ... who thinks of plots for movies these days?! ... but hey, the commercials had some sweet and funny moments, so we gave it a try. Well, it DID have plenty of sweet moments throughout, though it was pretty much predictable, and I think I'd give it a 3* out of 5 rating. What about you; have you seen it yet? And, more importantly, is George getting better looking as he ages? He and Sean Connery, eh?

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Jan Scholl said...

I saw it in the theatre Christmas day and was stunned that it was being billed as a comedy. There were humorous bits but one scene just made me burst into tears. No one else I have told about it even thought of that scene the same way I did. But it brought out the loss in such a way.
The Gene Siskel in me gives it 4 stars-or an A-.