Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My eldest son and I are both movie junkies. I surprised him last Sunday and took him to see How To Train Your Dragon, when he'd expected that we were off to our usual Blockbuster outing.

It was SO nice ... except for my timing mixup. I'd searched show times based on the movie title, and when we arrived in plenty of time for the particular showing, then realized it was playing in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D at the same theater. Well, if you've not been to a 3D show lately (where've you BEEN?!), they're just SO much more worth it ... so, we waited 'til the next 3D showing, which happened to be an IMAX showing. Well, my son has spacial issues and walking into large rooms freaks him out. In the past we've had regular outings to museums and let him very slowly adapt to his surroundings, and he's been to IMAX shows at this theater in the past, but on this particular occasion it was too much, too quickly, for him and we had to return to the ticket booth to exchange our IMAX 3D tickets for the smaller theater's 3D tickets. The delays meant weren't long enough to warrant returning home but WERE long enough so that Mom could pick up extra nachos and pop, so we just cooled our heels watching previews of coming attractions ... over and over and over again ... sigh ... while waiting for our movie.

The movie? He LOVED it! My opinion? GREAT stuff; here's a trailer for you.

Our prior 3D venture, Avatar, comes out on DVD tomorrow! If you haven't checked out either of these movies, you should!

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Jan Scholl said...

No 3D for me. My eyes don't work that way. My left eye is legally blind and my dad said I can't see out of the right one either. I am monocular. And I don't think I am missing anything either. I too am a movie junkie but most of the movies I truly love, no one else has heard of.