Saturday, May 21, 2011

what'd YOU do on Doomsday?

After catching some scrappin' and shoppin' time w my scrapping buddy Pat, my eldest son and I went to the movies to catch the Pirates' latest release - On Stranger Tides - w my all-time favorite pirate, Johnny Depp ... joined by fellow pirates Penélope Cruz, Ian McShane, Geoffrey Rush, and Kevin McNally. We were running late 'cuz I made a pit stop by Mike's beforehand (where I seem to always lose track of time, LOL!) and JUST made the previews.

but ... back to the movies: I was surprised to see Richard Griffiths (aka Uncle Vernon) playing King George, but kept that to myself during the show, as my son didn't seem to notice Harry Potter's world colliding with the Pirates'! Great pirates, all ... and I was pleased to learn the movie was loosely based on a novel that's a trilogy, as maybe that means the series will continue?! Who knows, as Depp was reportedly disappointed when Walt Disney's chairman of 38 years, Dick Cook, left the project. Apparently Mr Cook had been a supporter since the first film of Depp's interpretation of the character, where others involved had not. I've always wondered if Depp based his interpretation on Cyril Ritchard's Captain Hook character from the 1960 version of Peter Pan. I was a bit bored with this version's fight scenes, but they sure kept my son's attention ... and overall we both loved the film as we've loved 'em all! I'm sure this will join our DVD collection when it's released!

So, how did YOU spend your Doomsday?

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