Sunday, November 6, 2011

Awww ... missed it AGAIN!

It ended with,
"What we're trying to say with this little rhyme, is ...
'We're returning to Standard Time.'"

I'm a fan of the CBS show Sunday Morning and I'd just broken away from my weekly Quicken updates on the PC to settle in to watch my favorite show. I KNEW they'd be commenting on the switch from daylight to standard time, but assumed as I'd missed the first half hour of the show, that I'd missed that portion. Last year I searched in vain for the cute ditty/rhyme they used to commemorate the occasion. Here I go again! I'll update this if I find it but assume I won't ... sigh ...

I'm not a regular reader of the paper and hadn't read yet that Andy Rooney passed away this past weekend. Here's a clip:;lst;3

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