Thursday, November 17, 2011

how I spent my mini vac wk - pt 2

I'm participating in a Mini Mystery Monday Project by the lovely and talented Laura Perin of Laura Perin Designs fame - available at her Two-Handed Stitcher blog. I've not stitched in ages, and when I spotted that she would be offering a mystery project, uploading a portion of the design's instructions on Mondays, it sucked me right in! I love Laura's needlepoint designs. In fact, when I went in search of my usual and customary needlework tools, in the bag WITH them was another of her designs ... so I should use some of my time off to pick up additional supplies for my NEXT project!

This pic represents two weeks' worth of instructions and I finished my last block this a.m. I kept pretty much to the colors she used - the watercolour and green perle, and switched the red perle and metallic ribbon. We'll see how I end up finishing it ... and whether I get it finished in time to add to this year's tree, LOL! We don't want to start talking about the amount of unfinished projects I have. Let's just say that I'll have plenty to keep me occupied when I decide to retire!

supplies: Caron's Watercolours in 047 camouflage, DMC's #5 perle cotton in 319 very dark pistachio green and 902 very dark garnet, and Rainbow Gallery's Fyre Werks FT15 old gold - all on an ecru #18 canvas (my camera seems to have over compensated as it looks white in the pic, don't you agree? ... next week I'll make sure to use natural light for my pic!)

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