Wednesday, December 26, 2012

on a red theme

Here's this year's Christmas tree. I realized recently that I'd not used these red ornaments from my initial trip to the local IKEA (maybe not SO local, at that! it's about an hour south of me) since 2008 so went in search of them this year. They were elusive but I remembered that the last time I'd used them I'd repackaged them into their original IKEA clear plastic 6x6"- 8x8" clear acrylic square box  and set them on top of the hutch to my computer table. Apparently they got nudged behind a row of books and were lost to me since 2008. So, here they are, unearthed at last! In keeping with the red theme, I added a few ornaments but kept it to those that are mainly red and white/ivory. I love these "word" pieces that I found a few years ago (tho' I can't remember where) - and have them in joy, Noel, peace, believe, it's all GOOD, and Merry Christmas. It was hard knowing when to stop ... (insert grin here) ...

It's strange, but I'm reading a novel on my nook lately where the main character's nickname is "Red" ... it was the past Free Fridays offering - From Notting Hill with Love...Actually by Ali McNamara. A nice read; I'm about halfway thru it now. I liked both those movies and the book's a romantic comedy about a gal named Scarlett (hence the nickname) with something of a movie obsession.

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