Wednesday, October 2, 2013

crafty mid-week?!

I've scheduled half day vacations on Wed- nesdays thru October - initially it was to take my time in getting ready for my golf league which starts at 4 p.m. locally ... but I ended up only subbing this year, and it's now past the league schedule. It's just SO NICE having a mid-week break, that I continued it, at least during the nice fall weather, thinking my DH and I would use the opportunity to play golf or go to a movie or ... whatever!

Well, today's crafty day. Actually it's now Saturday but thru the miracle of scheduled postings, I'm backdating these posts to upload cards I actually made this week but was too lazy to photo and upload at the time. I know; I'm pretty darn lazy at times! And I seem to have put away the supplies, so there's not much in the way of deets either ... BUT it IS based on retro sketch's rs#79 sketch! I like the DP and its swirly background reminded me of this cute little ghost's lolly pop, so I pulled them together. Now we'll see whether I remember to send out Halloween cards this year!

Thanx for stopping in.

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Nat said...

hi Sue, this is a fun design, perfect for Halloween!!! love it! have a great week :)