Sunday, September 22, 2013

happy fall, ya'll!

I like to make a Wordle for holidays and seasons, and here's this one, welcoming my sister's favorite season in! My favorite? I really don't have one, but figure God placed me here to more appreciate spring, summer, and fall! Yeah ... not much of a winter person am I. It's okay for maybe the period of Thanksgiving (after everyone's made it home safely) thru the Christmas holiday break, and MAYBE I'd even give it thru the end of February ... but that's it! After that I'm WAY ready for spring!

Try a Wordle - you'll like it! Visit and you'll find complete and easy instructions! Enjoy!


Nat said...

beautiful Fall card, love this!! :)

Lynn Mercurio said...

Would this make a great subway art size piece of home decor!!! Great job!