Sunday, February 2, 2014

can you believe 6 more weeks of winter?!

Well, the majority of the crowd stationed in Gobbler's Knob was surely disappointed this morning when Punxsutawney Phi made the following announcement (via his translator):
A Super Bowl winner I will not predict,
But my weather forecast, you cannot contradict,
That's not a football lying beside me
It's my shadow you see
So, six more weeks of winter it shall be!
The Washington Post covered the event. And what, you ask, about Michigan's own Woody's prediction? Well, snipped from the Howell Conference & Nature Center, which she calls home, came the following announcement:
This year’s prognostication, her sixteenth, was made crystal clear by her outright refusal to even leave her home. With temperatures at the Nature Center hovering in the low 20′s and several inches of snow on the ground, the clairvoyant chuck’s behavior was interpreted as just another sign of her wisdom.
In an interview on local radio station WHMI, Woody chose the Denver Broncos to win the Super Bowl, a prediction she has called correctly six out of the eight years that she has served in this capacity.
I'll try to catch snippets of the game later today, but I've gotta admit, I'm more interested in the commercials, and can catch them on YouTube afterward. For me, I'm more interested in watching Groundhog Day - the movie - to ring in the day! Enjoy your day, folkes, and thanx for stopping by!

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Kimmi said...

Let's hope the next 6 weeks are a touch milder.