Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Night That Changed America – A Grammy Salute to The Beatles

Did you happen to catch it live on Sunday, or, like me, record it on your DVR and watch it later? I wasn't going to be home Sunday evening so I'm glad I remembered to program the DVR, as it cut a 2-1/2 hour production down to 90 minutes, yeah! The show itself was great! There were moments my youngest son watched with me (he became interested in the Beatles' music about 10+ years ago), and he knew the more contemporary bands that I'd not heard of, but all in all, I think everyone performed great interpretations of the Beatles' songs. I tried to not embarrass my son by singing aloud, and recalled with him how miffed we were with so many of the girls in the audience that night on the Ed Sullivan show who were screaming so much while my sister and I were sitting in front of the TV trying to hear the boys!

It was interesting watching the old taped segments, some interlaced with contemporary artists who'd finish playing the pieces. Nice bit of biographies on the individual Beatles; I even learned some new factoids. I'd no idea that Ringo had TB as a youngster. He used to be my fav; they interviewed some of the gals who'd been in the Ed Sullivan audience and asked who their favorite was. Eventually I couldn't tell you who my fav was; I just liked the whole group. And they sure didn't disappoint when it came time for the remaining Beatles to do their solos and songs together at the end of the program! It was a great trip down Memory Lane and I'll watch the program again!

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