Tuesday, December 4, 2007

it's beginning to look alot like

I started decorating for Christmas a week or so ago. This is a departure from cards, I know, but Maria over at Stampin Inspirations wants to see how we're decorating lately. Well, I have some favorite decorations that show up annually, but I like to shake it up a bit ... that's why I have boxes of asst'd Christmas decorations in the basement. One consists of the ornaments I've collected or made or rec'd as gifts over the years for the tree, another holds the decorations I place on the tables around (mainly) the living room, and another for those I'd used in recent years that I may recycle back into the group. I'm lately more drawn toward rustic-looking items. Christmas and Halloween are my favorites, but I like to add touches around the room for various holidays.

This pic is how the mantle's set up this year. I have a string of lights with twigs and rusty red 'n white berries that stays up year round ... over Halloween it was joined by small jack-o-lanterns ... I've picked up metal 'n berries 'n stars for patriotic holidays, and I don't recall what for others ... but it gets added to for whatever holiday's closest. The tiny grill is last year's tree ornament I picked up for my DH; the small pumpkin is my eldest son's addition to the mix (you never know what he'll add to the mix next - it's kinda cute - you oughta see all the stuff he's pulled together for my sofa table - grins). Happy holidays, folkes!

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Crystal said...

So pretty Sue! This would even work for the entire year....love the pumpkin! ;)