Saturday, December 1, 2007

mama's got a brand new toy

Hey, happy December!

Speaking of Jody Lynn (yesterday's post), I rec'd a new toy in the mail this past week! Jody'd made reference on her blog to a 1-day sale on the Janone Mini Sew sewing machine. I'd scoped 'em out before (normally $59.99, often on sale for $49.99) but they'd been out of stock when I went seriously looking for them on the Hancock Fabrics site. Well, now they were reduced to $39.99, and I dunno whether it was just late and I was tired, or the lure of the sale, or WHAT (I'm NOT the domestic diva type!) ... but I ordered one!

It's mini, alright - measures only 11x9x5" and weighs less than 5 lbs, but it has 4 straight stitches and 3 zig zags.

I told my DH it could be a Christmas present from the kids and he could put it aside, but we opened the carton to make sure it arrived all in one piece and it's still sitting on my kitchen table. I dunno ... maybe I'll check it out this weekend ... or put it away for a month. Time'll tell! But I like the look of stitching on cards, so we'll see how often it gets pulled out!

Time to hit the hay! later, alligators! - SueB

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texasjodylynn said...

OH YAY! You got one! They are totally awesome. I LOOOOOVE mine. :) You won't regret it! Just leave it in a place all set up so that you'll actually use it. And I vote for try it this weekend. I think it would be sad 9if you neglected it for a whole month. HUGS! Happy stitching.