Monday, May 12, 2008

got Cuttlebug?

Have you picked up a die cut machine yet? If not, run, don't walk, to visit the kind folkes at Creative Xpress. They're offering the Cuttlebug for only $35! Now, some naysayers may say it's only a sales ploy to get you into their Web so you look around and purchase other items. Well, that works for me! I've told a couple of my friends of the deal and they've made the leap ... and thot I'd share w others ... such a deal!


Kim said...

Yeah!!! I received mine in the mail today. I am going to try and find some play time tonight - will bring "show & tell" tomorrow.

Hilmarose said...

Thank you for this post... I finally ordered it today after I was sure it was the one you could use other brands with it!