Monday, May 19, 2008

sneak peek fall/winter 08

All together now, say "Oooooohhhh, sweet!" I was just blog-rolling and found June's sneak peek of the soon-to-be-released Fresh Cut stamp set from the fall/winter 2008 catty ... and, yeah, it's another die cut stamp set! I SO love the collage look of this stamp set!

Crystal, if you're reading this, put me down for a set (stamps AND die cut notes) in your earliest June order! Others, if you can't make out the deets on the picture, read more about it here!


Anonymous said...

Sue, would you please visit my site and critique the two cards I made today? I trashed the house and if I knew your email I would send you the photos.

I notice that your cards are so neatly cut and the sides all line up with PRECISION. I noticed my $49 trimmer seems to cut irratically. It's probably me. *sigh*

PLEASE critique with a hard eye.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my site, but you were supposed to critique me with a HARD eye! I got the idea for the 3 panel card from YOU. Although your cards are so precise and mine were a bit jaggedy. Guess I just need a new blade. duh

Also, PLEASE participate in my little Baabette story. I thought it might join some of us into a nice group to get to know each other. Plus, if I use your story you will get......oooooooo......a CARD!! Woooooo. Just what you needed.

Anonymous said...

PANIC TIME! I received my Cuddle Bug about an hour ago and I had a free plate with it and I"ve been making embossed flowers on card stock. NOW FOR THE PANIC: I wish I could mail you photos but I'll explain My FISCARS TEXTURE plates are the right size, but it all is too thick to pass through the machine! And I"ve got 12 Fiscars Texture plates!! WHAT a waste.

So I removed one of the little plastic plates and it was then too shallow when I passed it through!!

PLEASE help if you can.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE email me at

What do you do with all the cards you make?