Saturday, August 2, 2008

FYI: Blogosphere Issues

Just in case you're having similar problems ... I realized last night I couldn't view my blog; when I'd open it I got a pop-up error message (IE cannot open the internet at "insert-URL-here". Operation Aborted.), apparently the result of blogspot developing some issues with the Site Meter script I'd had when browsing with Internet Explorer. I (hopefully temporarily) removed its JavaScript code from my blog and can view blog again (w some telltale other issues still ... sigh ... my blogaversary button's MIA, I see). Hopefully the kind folkes at Google or Site Meter will resolve these soon.

And, hopefully I'll be back later in the day to post show-'n-tells!


Jan Scholl said...

I was poling around last night in Microsoft forums because I was having the same issues. some people were complaining they couldn't visit Perez What, no gossip??
I had just upgraded Jave applets and thought that was it. But its fine today, so who knows. It didn't affect my blogs at all and I have several apps. tracking stuff.

Jan Scholl said...

poking, I was poking. I hate this keyboard.

Anonymous said...

FYI A lot of people were having trouble with IE. I couldn't get into my OWN blog. I downloaded FIREFOX, a similar internet browser. It's different, but SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL than IE.