Saturday, May 30, 2009

enabler alert re Repper

Hi folkes! Today I'm enabling those of you who are either into digital scrappin' or have a t'riffic color printer and would be interested in printing your own designer paper.

It's easier than you'd think with this cool free (or based on your free will offerings, anyway!) tool called Repper by studio ludens. You can either play with their current repository of images or upload your own, and working from a section of your selected image, you and Repper stretch and repeat images into a custom DP which you can then save onto your hard drive.
(oops! updated to add link ... thanx, Dana!)

I uploaded this card and created the DP samples above!

Wowzer, eh?! So, show a little love and leave me a comment linking to whatever you create! Go play now and I'll catch ya later!


Anonymous said...

I've been printing out my own paper for years by going to hint* I refill my own ink or I'd be in the poor house by now.

But I"m going to visit your site and play for a while.

Anonymous said... didn't get me there. What's the address?