Sunday, June 14, 2009

42nd Annual Flint Art Fair

Sun, FUN, music, and t'riffic art - what more can you ask for?!

After the make-'n-take at CAM yesterday, my buddy Donna and I headed to the Flint Art Fair - I really appreciate the size of this show. The exhibits are located on the front lawns of the Flint Public Library and Flint Institute of Arts - for those unfamiliar with the area, two of the facilities that make up part of Flint's Cultural Center.

Some of my favs returned this year - Thomas Mahard (whose "poochie" sculpture is for my older brother and his other half - don't tell!), Glenda Hopp (amazin' water sculptures - I've GOTTA have one!) of Farmbrook Designs, John Galbo, and David Chapple ... and a few new-to-me artists Bryon Bardis, and Captiva Island Pen Co that I've saved URLs from so I can visit later. So, if you've time to spare today, either stop by or visit these links! There's a magnifying glass from Captiva in my DH's future - I have to decide on the wood - either benge or koa ... hmmnn ...

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toners said...

Oh, that sculpture is FUN!! What a super gift!