Saturday, January 16, 2010

winter wishes

Hi folkes! I'm cooling it this weekend and mainly resting at home, drinking plenty of liquids, taking extra vitamin C and an antihistamine. I've been feeling pretty wimpy lately ... a wicked cold dropped by to visit our household and since late last Saturday both my eldest son and I have been hit by it. He stayed home from school Monday, but I've been going to work regularly (my job doesn't require much day-to-day interaction with others, I'm realizing ...). I'd been taking an antihistamine Tues/Wed, then decided I was better, and whoa ... Thursday was SO not better, so I'm back on drugs. Drugs are your friend, Sue! Anywho ...

... today I DID venture out to stop by CAM, where I made the make -'n- take card offering at left and spent all but .32 of a gift card from my buddy Pat (show -'n- tell on Monday, girlfriend!), then picked up some refill tape at Hobby Lobby and a few dollar stamps at Mike's (thanx to my friendly neighborhood enabler, Jan S) before heading back home. But, more on that tomorrow!

FYI, this card front's cut about an inch thinner than the back. The card's back inside portion has the strip of DP, and the strip of navy matted on white which tucks into a slit-punch on the card front to keep the card closed. Know what I mean, jellybean?

stamps: Clear and Simple Stamps' Holly Jolly, Hero Arts' Winter's Butterfly (inside sentiment; small aside giggle - the label on this stamp set reads "CLEARDESIGN: WINTER'S BUTT" - they ran out of room, but it caused me to double-take); rest of materials supplied by store


Jan Scholl said...

But you missed the ones at Joann's! I am going back on Monday to see if they refilled the basket at the checkout line.

I hope I can get to the Zone before they move-but this big hospital bill came today. May have to wait a while.

I smell glitter on clearnace at Meijers too-Martha Stewart brand,

Nicki(CSS) said...

Fun winter card - perfect for all this cold snowy weather we've been getting here in Maryland lately! Hope you are feeling better :)