Friday, August 13, 2010

Flashback Friday / Jenn update

I follow Allison Fillo's blog (doesn't everyone?!) and am catching up today on blog trolling ... ANYWAY, she posted that Amy of Tsuruta Designs blog fame encouraged folkes to post their first blog card picture again. So ... without further ado, here's mine - from back on July 21, 2007!

Methinks I'd been scanning cards for the pictures back then. I've since updated my (then) broken camera, tho' my youngest son was grossed out that I selected an automatic. My past one was manual and I DID love it. This new one is a point-and-shoot but has some override capability ... that I haven't really played with much yet. Oh, the things I'll have the time to do when I'm retired, I think ...

Thru the marvels of modern technology (tee hee!) I'm post-dating to Friday, when, rather than playing at home making cards, I was visiting my niece Jenn and sister Karen at St Joe's Mercy Hospital where she's recovering from injuries sustained in a car crash on June 28th.

While she's still got a long road ahead of her, they recently removed Jenn's trachea tube, and she's now breathing, swallowing, and coughing on her own. During OT/PT she's started periods of sitting and is able to hold her head up while sitting pretty darn well. She's working daily on a standing machine, and stood for 10 minutes straight this past week. AND she's responded to questions requiring one-word answers appropriately - so far by mouthing the words. She's not found her voice yet but that's my current prayer request! She's started to eat solid foods - starting with mashed potato and applesauce and ice chips. I'd like yogurt added to her diet as she's had c-diff infection 2x and recently a yeast infection. These too shall pass. Too much information? Sorry 'bout that, folkes! Thanx for your continued prayers!

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