Friday, August 27, 2010

visit w Jenn Thurs

We stopped by to visit w Jenn Thursday and arrived when the afternoon shift was preparing her meds for the evening, and then a tech person came in, to flush some fluid into her and help her with a potty trip, so we went to the family waiting room for a bit. Karen had gone to Lowe’s for some lumber and cinder blocks so when she returned we helped build a 3-shelf bookcase unit across most of one wall where she put stuff that’s starting to accumulate in the room. I wish I’d taken a picture of the bookshelf now … pretty kewl idea my sister had!

Jenn’s cast was removed this past week – I’ve read that it’s common to have issues with “tone,” when the muscles of bed-ridden patients will atrophy a bit. They’d done collagen treatments recently and cast her right arm between the last few visits, so hopefully this will help her not curl the arm up but extend it easily.

Supper arrived – Jenn’s recently been upgraded in her food consistency so she enjoyed a meal of nectar, shredded chicken and peas with gravy, rice, and peach yogurt … and had some chocolate pudding, banana, and orange juice for a snack for later. This has GOTTA be way nicer than the days of mashed potato were, eh?! And, did I mention that Jenn was feeding herself now?! Awesome!

While eating supper, PB, Karen and I were chit-chatting with each other and to Jenn and Karen was mentioning that she sometimes doesn’t know when she’s not doing enough or is doing too much, and Jenn mouthed “I love you, Mom” clear as a bell to her. It’s still tearing me today to repeat this, and I saw that PB was wow’d by it; to think just a couple months ago we were sitting next to an unconscious patient just praying that she’d open her eyes!

We got to visit for a bit with Mike too, when he stopped over just after supper. It was nice to hear him and PB chatting about golf. Always seems too quick a visit, but we left for home shortly afterwards.

I’m totally blown away by the progress we see between visits! No specific prayer request to forward from my sis’ so far today, but I’m praying that Jenn’s voice returns … it’s gotta be SO aggravating to not be able to voice things so everyone can understand you!

Thanx for your continued prayers!

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