Wednesday, December 8, 2010

don't they go by in a blink?

It's hard to imagine it's been thirty years to the date since John Lennon was murdered ... and slightly more than 40 years since my cousin Robin (wearing my fav color, purple, in the picture taken this past fall) was born. Robin passed away this past Monday after having battled cancer. Her Facebook quote was "Life ain't always beautiful. BUT IT'S A BEAUTIFUL RIDE! :O)" and she definitely made it more beautiful.

You know the quote, "Some day you will read in the papers that I have died. Don't you believe a word of it! At that moment I shall be more alive than I have ever been." I'm reminded of that, and of a scene in Meet Joe Black where Anthony Hopkins delivers a speech at his 65th birthday party that goes something like this:

"I thought I was going to sneak away tonight. What a glorious night. Every face I see is a memory. It may not be a perfectly perfect memory. Sometimes we had our ups and downs. But we're all together, and you're mine for a night. And I'm going to break precedent and tell you my one candle wish: that you would have a life as lucky as mine, where you can wake up one morning and say, "I don't want anything more." Sixty-five years. Don't they go by in a blink?"

Enjoy the song, folkes:

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