Sunday, December 5, 2010

happy b'day, Walt!

Almost entitled "it all started with a mouse," this post pays homage to Walt Disney, who was born on this day in 1901. I LOVED (and still do) Disney - watched the cartoons as a kid (remember the Silly Symphonies?!), the wildlife adventure shows, and was among the throngs of people to visit EPCOT in its opening year (1982 ... showing my (chronological) age here!). For a time, I took my younger brother to Disney movies, then we both took a younger neighbor when we started feeling a little old to be heading to animated movies ... we got over that, and I got to be friends with others who shared my interests when I moved to the Flint area (hi Monica, if you're out there!). But, it didn't really all start with a mouse - tho' Mickey is probably still his most famous character! Thanx for visiting during my trip down Memory Lane!

Miss you, Walt! I imagined you as a kindly old uncle when I was a kid.

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Carolyn King said...

Great trip down memory lane. love your card!