Sunday, December 12, 2010

it's a wrap!

Saturday was Commencement at my workplace (insert shameless plug here for Kettering University) and here's a pic from its opening ceremonies. It's a wrap of a very busy week - I'm always like the proverbial chicken, running around with its head cut off, wrapping up last-minute projects leading up to Committee meetings in advance of our Board day, which was Friday. That, and some year-end filings, most of which I submitted this past week (one final piece is required for another filing this coming week and I'll be ready to relax a bit!). I used to then volunteer at all the Commencement exercises but recently cut back to only working at those during the summer. So, I wasn't present but would have liked to have heard the speech by Stan Ovshinsky, our honorary degree recipient. You can click on either the picture or the KU link to read more about either the Commencement exercises OR follow up on Mr. Ovshinsky's career that includes over 400 patents (you interested in solar energy, or use a cell phone, digital camera, or laptop? thank this guy!). And don't tell Charlie, pictured above, but he's gotta be my fav of our current trustees!

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