Saturday, January 22, 2011

cuppa soup

Today's make-'n-take from Capture-a-Memory is this ensemble piece - a cute container for a cup of soup and another that perfectly accommodates a mini package of tissue to match! The lovely and talented Jill led the group in making this set, and did you catch the cutie patootie mini thermometers on the soup container? I'd picked up a few from a Mega Meet in years gone by and hadn't used them yet. The only bummer from today's make-'n-take is that I'd MEANT to pick up a coordinating sheet of card stock to make a matching get well card and once we were done, that thought flew right out of my head.

I told a coworker buddy of mine's daughter about the make-'n-takes and she was there - Brit, who brought a couple friends - and methinks they'll be back.

Lately CAM's been making a card and die project as their Saturday make-'n-take projects. Good move, folkes! Also, I've commended them for including a photo of their upcoming project in their weekly newsletter. If you don't already get that and you're local to Flint MI, visit their shop Web to sign up (link in my side panel)!

I met up with stamping buds Pat and Kathleen for b'fast beforehand, then we headed to scrap, and (shocker!) I headed home afterward. I think I'll make it a point to head to the mall to walk a couple laps after next week's make-'n-take. I've been adding steps to my days and have been doing pretty well during the work week, but am trying to incorporate more walking into the weekends. I've got a Gazelle down in my basement but it's missing a screw or two and I've not gotten around to checking to see if we (that means my DH!) can repair it or if I need to just give up and replace it.


B said...

I will surely be back for another Make & Take! I loved it!! Thanks a bunch for letting me know about it.

Claudia said...

That's a really cool project - sorry I missed it! I have to make it a point to go now that they are doing nice make-n-takes. For a long time, it felt like they were trying to use up their leftover scraps on the make-n-takes. Now, for the last few weeks, they have been great!