Saturday, July 23, 2011

if friends were flowers ...

... I'd pick you! Awwww ... cute, eh?! This is today's make-'n-take from the kind folkes at CAM (aka Capture-A-Memory, where I usually spend my midday Saturdays w my stampin' buddy Pat). It's sweet, and they usually have projects to showcase a particular technique or product. Today's featuring Martha's fringe scissors, which were used to make the grass in the card. Said product is usually offered at a discount on the days we use it for a make-'n-take. Today's sale also included the cute stamps used to make faces on the flowers and stamps used to make a 2nd card. The face stamps came in multiple styles and sizes - and were STINKIN' CUTE!

no deets today - as all products were provided by the shop.

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lynn said...

this card is adorable, sue!