Saturday, August 27, 2011

movie night at the Blondins

The whole Blondin clan took in 3D Captain America, an event that doesn't happen all that often. When the kids became teens I pretty much resigned myself to only occasionally spotting them, during random trips to the kitchen, pretty much, or as my youngest generally greets me after work w "hey, what's for supper?" ... so imagine my surprise when both accepted our invite to the movies!

If you liked the retro style and feel of Iron Man, you're bound to like this one! I did; the boys all did, and my DH thanked me for talking him into going to the movies. My eldest and I are generally the movie fanatics in the household. They did a great job of adding 3D effects to this, and suffice to say it's no scene spoiler to say the young Steve Roberts is frustrated by being rejected for military service yet turns out to be the perfect candidate for some special scientific experiments that turn him into a powerful superhero.

Stay after the credits have finished ... as there's a preview of a group get-together movie in the works of multiple super hero characters. I hope Stan Lee and his family are making a mint on the movies, and are able to live comfortably on his new popularity.

I haven't been card-making lately ... been on a reading binge. Read The Help recently (plan to see the movie in a couple weeks w my movie buds), and am now reading Something Borrowed (have already seen that movie).

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