Saturday, September 3, 2011

movie day at the Blondins

Hi there! Long time, no see! I've been baaad and not created any cards lately, but DID take in another great movie this a.m. My movie buds and I went to a matinee of One Day today, and then stopped at Applebee's for soup, salad, and bread sticks afterward. I've liked Anne Hathaway for ages (Mia in Princess Diaries, Ella in Ella Enchanted, whoever in Devil Wears Prada, Jane Austen in Becoming Jane, the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland to name a few characters ...).

The movie visits friends Emma and Dexter on the anniversary of their one-night stand over a course of 20 years. Sometimes they're together, sometimes apart, sometimes involved in other relationships, sometimes alone. It was an interesting movie, and tho' I didn't like the Dexter character at the beginning, he grows on you. Or is it that he finally matures? Whatever, I'd recommend this one! And from what I've read of comments about how much better the book was than the previews lead folkes to think about the movie, methinks I'm adding that to my list of "Must Reads."

Thanx for stopping by! I hope to upload at least a card this weekend! See you again soon!

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lynn said...

thanks for the review, sue! looks like a good one:)