Monday, May 28, 2012

happy Memorial Day

here's wishing you all a happy Memorial Day! Make sure to take time not only this weekend, but daily, to remember and honor the men and women who died while serving our country. They and their families paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.

We're planning a quiet day, and I'm posting this while my sweetie's started playing the Grand Prix of Monaco that he used the DVR to record yesterday so that we could watch it at our leisure AND him sleep in (grins). PB purchased a new flag to replace the one we have out front of our house so that'll go up today. Then it's b'fast and a bit of weeding (I'm not an avid gardener ... I just like items that are real drought-tolerant that I don't have to do much with) followed by a cookout later in the day and at some time I'd like to check out OWH's Memorial Weekend Blog Hop. Which reminds me ... I've amassed a group of cards so it's high time I mailed them another package. If you find you have extra cards, consider mailing a package so that our soldiers can use them to communicate with friends and family at home, won't you?

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