Thursday, June 5, 2008

how do YOU store ribbon?

Angie over at Scrapscene has been checking into how folkes store ribbon. I've a few storage methods depending on the ribbon size and length. Most are stored on CD spindles, and my friends know to never toss any out without first offering them to me!

I didn't have a picture of them when I shared my storage solution, so here 'tis, Angie! Other methods I use: mini ribbons are lined up in snack-size baggies (pic shows mainly purple, blue and green rolls), loose ribbons from ribbon shares and yard lengths I've purchased loose are stored loosely in boxes, but most - those in full rolls - are stored in recycled CD storage spindles as pictured.

Interested in other storage solutions? Check Angie's post here!


Claudia said...

Great ideas Lady!

Kathie said...

Hi Sue B,
I found your blog through Verve and have really enjoyed visiting. What a great idea for ribbon. I was just about to put two CD spindles in the trash. I do teach crafts to women in poverty and /or abusive situations as part of our ministry here in Costa Rica, and am always looking for craft ideas.