Tuesday, September 30, 2008

help squidoo give away $80k

I should have this problem ... but between now and October 15 (or 40k votes, whichever happens first) the kind folkes at Squidoo are enlisting our aid to vote from a list of charities to determine which they should give away up to $80k of their profits.

Since their inception, they've been focused on helping people spread the word about and raise money for causes they believe in. According to their Web site, to date their community has earned enough money to support several animal shelters, to build a school in Cambodia, to invest in an entrepreneur in Tanzania and to pay for cutting edge research into the causes and cure of Juvenile Diabetes. Among many, many other wonderful stories and successful donations.

Along the way, Squidoo has also been saving up 5% of their total income and now they're asking for our help in giving some of it away! For each vote, they'll give that organization $2.

Vote for your favorite Squidoo partner charities here.

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