Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CAM make-'n-take

Ahem ... did you notice anything different about this photo, folkes? Maybe just the fact that it's a photo and not a scan for today's post? Whoo hoo! My recent birthday seems to have coincided with the demise of my camera, so my DH replaced it today! We got a Canon subcompact - the PowerShot SD1100 IS - and while I'm on a learning curve, I've installed the software and drivers and used the accompanying software, so I'm back in business! The camera itself is smaller than my cell phone. The software doesn't accomplish everything my Toshiba's would do (it seems strange but I can't find an option to resize photos ... just crop and add text, various sharpness and brighness options, red eye, etc.) but I'm making do!

This is a make-'n-take from last Saturday at CAM. It's surreal but I've been out of commission since last Thursday about noon, was off work ill due to blood pressure issues, but appear to be on the mend now. I was feeling better Saturday and stopped by the make-'n-take after dropping my son off at school to work on a project, then picked up some paper for another project. Hope this finds you all doing well!

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