Sunday, April 26, 2009

WOWzer online book

Of all the nicest "green" ideas I've spotted this past week, this one takes the cake! I'm sure you've spotted Scrapbook Trends' magazines in crafting and book stores - Cards, Bead Trends, and Simply Handmade - well, they've now offering an online subscription version!

BUT it gets even BETTER! To celebrate the wonders of technology as well as their new upcoming Mini Albums Idea Book, they've provided free unlimited online access to their previous Mini Albums Idea Book - click on the picture at left to see it!

I just returned from my fist scan thru the book - just under 150 pages of YUMMY mini albums, it's WONDERFUL! They say this prior print version sold out quickly and you can definitely see why - so check it out and tell 'em SueB sent ya!

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Amy said...

Thank you SueB!!

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