Monday, April 20, 2009

reduce ... reuse ... recycle

My buddies know I'm into recycling. I used to store all numbered plastics in separate paper bags in my basement and whenever one container filled, drive it 30 miles north to a recycling station that accepted all plastics ... sigh ... which has since closed its doors. I break down presentation books at work so that I can reuse the cardstock and plastic pieces and sometimes the binding materials in cardmaking projects, and recycle the paper. I grab telephone books from my coworkers' trash bins and shredding from our departments, and keep paper recycling containers in my office.

You get the drift ... so when the kind folkes at Craft Critique wanted to see some recycling in action, and I HAD to make another birthday card today from my boys to their Dad, I took a peek at some past birthday cards ... 'cuz yes, I recycle "previously loved" cards too!

Here's one for this year. I'm geeked about how closely I matched the inside sentiment to that used outside. It's just Arial Narrow and CK_Alis_Writing (LOVE her font) but it's a pretty close match, don't you think?!


toners said...

Very cool! Great post for Earth Day :)

Janine said...

Happy Earth Day!!! This is a great card!!
Hope all is well with you Sue!!