Monday, July 27, 2009


Don't you just love cupcakes?! Here's the 2nd of this past Saturday's make-'n-take projects. We used mineral spirits and pencils on the main image, a coloring technique I'd not used before. I know one person who really enjoyed the technique! Kim, one of my stampin' buds who I met at Karen's, called later from JoAnn's where she went to pick up supplies using her soon-to-expire 40% off coupons! If she hadn't been heading on vacation I'd have asked her to pick up mine at the same time, LOL - we're SUCH enablers!

I recently picked up a dozen of these cute Wilton silicone cupcake Silly Feet - no, I didn't need them for any upcoming special occasion; they're just SO STINKIN' CUTE, y'know?! I should've made some for our anniversary but didn't think of it ... oh well, school will be in session again before I know it!

No deets 'cept for the stamp, which I own - it's from Inkadinkado's Birthday Cupcake set!


Anonymous said...

OH!! THANK GOD YOU VISITED MY BLOG!! I lost your blog address a long time ago and I've entered every version of your blog url that I could think of, trying to find you, and nothing was right!!

Now I've got lots of catch-up reading to do!! YIPPEEEEE!!

Hey, please go back a week on my blog and read about the trouble I had trying to get my cuttlebug on an airplane!!!!

They thought it was a bomb!

Kimmi said...

hey Sue - I think you should try those cute little cupcake holders on Sunday - and do show and tell (and taste) on Monday. lol