Sunday, July 12, 2009

just a note

My buddy Mary broke her wrist back in late May and I'm sending her this card to catch up on how her recovery's going - hopefully speedy! We used to work together at Generous Motors - pretty much started there about the same time, in Pontiac MI, but didn't know each other 'til we transferred to a new plant they were to open later that year in Belleville MI ... now THIS'll date me 'cuz it was back in 1971! I hired in late July and remember telling my Dad it was his birthday present - that I'd actually been hired in a "real" job, LOL! Up 'til then I'd worked part-time while going to high school and college, but the jobs were pretty much babysitting, selling popcorn and candy at a movie theater, and "part-time" at a local drug store (I say "part-time" 'cuz it sometimes was more than 40 hrs a week tho' I was attending college full-time by then ... call me crazy as I dunno how I did it back then?! Sometimes it felt as tho' all I did was eat, sleep, work, homework ... 'cuz sometimes that WAS all you did, Sue!). Enough reminiscing ... I've been picking up used stamp sets like a crazy woman and some have GOTTA get inked today! later, ' gators!

this card was from a card class last month at a LSS - CAM - with the lovely and talented Maria! I love playing with their dies and should do that more often!

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