Saturday, July 18, 2009

so, have you seen it yet?!

My buddy Lynn was heading to see HP6 yesterday after work. I couldn't wait that long - I took a vacation day on Wednesday and took my eldest, another die-hard fan, to it! We tried for the 10 a.m. show but it was sold out before we arrived, so we took in the 11 a.m. show! So, what'd you think?! Didn't disappoint, eh?! I'm ready to head back, and so is my son, when my DH decides to go see it (he's a firm believer of crowd-avoidance-at-any-cost so didn't join us)!

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Jan Scholl said...

I gave up when after movie two. I just don't like all the special effects now. So I decided to use my free passes for Public Enemies and not be a HP statistic. This way hubby was happy with all the gunfire and blood (and I got a Depp fix) and I know I can drag him to see Julie and Julia next time. We went to Birch Run (cheaper and they have Uno's Pizza) and it was jammed-must have been the rain giving everyone a place to hide for a bit.