Saturday, August 8, 2009

color palette generator

I use Photoshop's eyedropper tool to pick colors from scanned images - often when I don't have the right colors on hand I'll make my own card stock that way - but I happened to read a post this morning about's Color Palette Generator and realized I'd never posted a tip about it. Check out Ez's July 30th post for samples and directions. I keep DeGraeves' site bookmarked on my home's PC as they have lots of fun tools that you should definitely check out!

Here's the color palette generated from the picture I post on my blog, and yes, those glasses have been replaced - tho' I still really prefer big glasses! I've really gotta get around to updating my pic one of these days ...

It's simple to use - you just paste in the URL of a picture (so if you haven't already, you can upload to a free storage place like flickr or Snapfish), then hit the Color-Palette-ify! button, and voila! You receive both dull and vibrant lists of colors found in the picture, along with a hex representation of them - useful if you're working on a Web page. Isn't modern technology wonderful?!

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